Our Classes


This class is perfect for those beginning on their dog training journey, whether you have a new puppy joining the household or want to teach your old dog new tricks, this class is for you! The class includes; how to keep your dog's focus and attention, recall, walking nicely on a lead, play, impulse control, settling and more! We will also have lots of fun learning new tricks and skills.


You will work towards your Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award.​​​​​


You will work towards your Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver Award.​​​​​


You will work towards your Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award.​​​​​


For those who have achieved their KC Gold Good Citizen Scheme and would like to keep perfecting their skills through a set of awards made specifically for the club.


This class is for those who have completed all their good citizens, and achieved grade C. A class full of fun challenges, testing your partnership with your dogs through fun and engaging challenges and games. 


Are you ready to unleash your dog's incredible sense of smell and tap into their natural instincts? In this class, you and your canine companion will discover the magic of scent work, a thrilling activity which taps into both physical and mental stimulation. Complete your beginner, constable, sergeant and inspector scent levels as well as fun challenges and games!


Embark in a class that combines athleticism, creativity and contentment. In this class, we'll explore the dynamic world of dog parkour - a dog activity which involves a variety of new tricks and implementing them in creative ways. Go up the levels in Dog Parkour UK with our certified instructors, and have fun building a bond with your dog!