Our Instructors


I joined the Good Companion Dog Training Club in 2007 with my rescue Shepherd Gwen. I now have two dogs, Mia (Cavapoo) and Polli (Golden Doodle). I have thoroughly enjoyed helping as an assistant with a variety of classes for the last five years.


I am a joint founder of Good Companion Dog Training Club. Qualified BIPDT, APDT, PDTI and recently a diploma in canine psychology. I attend courses and read up on different field’s of canine behaviour, skills and care, to keep myself up to date. At present I have 2 bearded collies, Ollie and Tir.


I have been a member of GCDT club since September 2021. I have two dogs, who have gained their Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. I assist with many of the workshops and classes which I throughly enjoy. I am a qualified dog Parkour instructor and also a level one assessor working towards my level two.


I started training with GC at the age of 8, with my sister and our first dog. Since then I qualified with the PDTI at 15 and now own 4 dogs; Lily (cavalier), Charlie (cavalier), Puzzle (MAS) and Jigsaw (BC). I am working towards my level 5 in animal management and I am qualified to teach hoopers. I also have my level 2 dog grooming assistant qualification. I love partaking in CPD and volunteering to further my knowledge! I actively compete in many dog sports and competitions including hoopers, agility, HTM, mantrailing, scent and YKC activities. I have a specialised interest in rescue work (of all animals) and love having fun with my dogs!


Having had dogs all my life I joined GCDTC in 2010 with my first rottweiler. I am currently training my third rottweiler, Buzz. We have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme. I enjoy volunteering as an assistance with a variety of classes and I particularly enjoy working with the puppy class.


I am a joint founder of the Good Companion DTC. I am a Qualified instructor with the APDT, the PDTI, and have an Honours Certificate with the BIPDT. I am also qualified with the Kennel Club to judge their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. I have enjoyed many different dog training activities with my previous dogs and now with my latest dog Celyn a Lab/collie. I also enjoy teaching Celyn new exercises. Teaching me new ideas so I never stop learning.


I have been coming to the club since the age of 14 when we rescued our first Cavalier KC. I am now the Chairman and an instructor. As a primary school teacher, I enjoy teaching and taking part in many dog sports especially parkour and agility. I am qualified with the PDTI and gained my Advanced Behavioural Training Instructing. I now have a MAS who enjoys agility, mantrailing, scent and Parkour and 2 retired cavaliers. I am also a Good Citizens examiner.


I have been an instructor at Good Companion since 1995. I am a qualified APDT instructor and continually attend courses to keep my knowledge current. I own two border collies; Seren and Morgan with whom I compete with in obedience competitions. Both dogs have represented Wales at Crufts in the regional obedience competition.


I have been a member of GCDTC for over 6 years now and I'm currently working towards becoming a Kennel Club approved instructor (KCAI). I'm qualified to examine bronze and silver good citizens awards and I am also a part accredited KC agility judge. I actively compete in agility and currently run 3 dogs. I've got a huge dog family, Spaniels, Shepherds, a Rottweiler, Hungarian Vizla and a Cockerdor is our latest addition. My background in dog training started as a service dog handler and I've been addicted to dog training and dog sports ever since!


From an early age I have had dogs in my life. I have two dogs – Bentley, Golden Retriever and Mitzie, a black Labrador who we adopted from a rescue when she was 8 years old. Bentley and I have been members of Good Companion for over three years and during this time he has achieved his KC Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.


I’ve been involved with the Good Companions Training Club since 2015. I’m a qualified instructor with both the PDTI and IMDT. I own four standard poodles and enjoy lots of activities with them, agilty, hoopers and mantrailing. In 2021 I also gained my City and Guilds award as a scent detection instructor with the UKCSD.


I joined GCDTC in 2009 to train my Labrador Harley ( now retired). I currently train Lincoln my other labrador. We have passed our bronze, silver and gold awards and are now in the advanced class. I have been an assistant for the last few years and thoroughly enjoy working with the different trainers and dogs.


I joined GCDTC over 20 years ago after owning, breeding, showing and judging for many years and have attended classes with 6 different dogs. I now own my 3rd GSD, Venn who, having gained his KC GC Bronze, Silver & Gold awards, decided to specialise in Mantrailing. I have stayed with the Club because I liked their structured approach and I enjoy assisting in classes.