Instructor Team


"Dog Training is my passion and I have been a dog training instructor for over 25 years. I gained my first certificate as an accredited instructor in 1990 and since then have gone on as many training and behaviour courses as I can to ensure my training is as up to date as possible. I also went on in 1993 to set up the Good Companion Dog Training club with Chris. I have certificates with the British institute of professional dog trainers, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Dog Training Instructors. I am qualified with the Kennel Club Good Citizens scheme to judge their awards and am frequently invited to other clubs to judge these. I have had the privilege of owning and training several dogs over the years, some rescue dogs and some from a young puppy all have extended my knowledge of dog training. As well as Obedience training, I have enjoyed Agility, Flyball and Heel work to music with my dogs."



"Hi I'm Chris a full time trained nurse, wife, mother and soon to be grandmother. My story starts with Jodie an old english sheepdog cross border collie. Jodie came into my life from a farm at 8 weeks old. From that very early age, I knew how important it was to train my dog and therefore I joined a local dog training club, where we soon made lots of friends and I was hooked. I really enjoyed training and when I got my next dog Zack, I then went on to train him. My current dog is Bryn a Bearded collie. We have trained through the classes and Bryn has also helped some of the younger members develop their confidence in training by taking the role a demo dog and a trainer's dog for children to have a go. I have also helped out others train their dogs through variety of classes. We have worked through are levels and I have continued to gain such a wealth of knowledge via experience, seminars and courses. Since obtaining my BIPTD and APDT qualifications I am proud to be able to say I am one of the former patrons of Good Companion Dog Training Club."


"I have had dogs all my life and became interested in dog training when I joined a local club with my Labrador cross 35 years ago. I got the bug and have been involved with dog training since then, either training my own dogs or instructing. I have been instructing at Good Companion dog training Club since 1995 and have my Association of Pet Dog Training qualification. I attend lots of training courses to keep my knowledge current and up to date. 

My other passion and hobby is competition in obedience and all the training and socialization that goes along with it. I have made many new friends and continue to attend courses.  I have a 5 year old Border collie Seren, and compete in obedience with her and we both really enjoy it. In a former life I was a teacher of pupils with additional needs but now retired I have lots of time to spend with Seren training her and myself."

Liz Evans
Janice Jones
" I have been involved with Good Companion Dog training club for the last 15 years. I am currently an instructor qualified with the Pet Dog Training Instructors and enjoy getting to know our new recruits both human and K9. Many members continue to attend the club for a long time, becoming firm friends attending socially for many years. Maybe you reading this will be one of them? I have always loved dogs and previously worked as a Dog Groomer. I owned a dog and as time went by it became addictive and soon I had three dogs all of whom attended training classes. I had two red and white collies and an ex-rescue mongrel. Together we enjoyed many years of fun filled activities including Agility, Flyball and Fun Dog shows. They also accompanied us on our camping and caravan holidays proving that a well-trained dog can have an exciting life. There were always new and exciting places to visit.


"At the age of 14 I rescued my very first dog a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles from a puppy farm. We joined Good companion dog training club and worked our way through the Bronze, Silver and Gold KC Good Citizens awards. When it came time for my cavalier to retire I did not want to leave and began volunteering an assistant.  Since then I have worked through my PDTI qualifications and have the Advanced Behavioural Instructing skills. I now have 2 Cavaliers; Lily a black and tan who is 9 and Charlie a Blenheim who is 8, both have achieved their Gold Good Citizens. I also have a Miniature american shepherd puppy who will start training very soon. As well as this I am also a qualified primary school teacher and enjoy teaching young children. In my spare time, I enjoy Agility with my dogs and we compete regularly at shows.  I keep an up to date knowledge of dogs and dog training by attending as many courses as possible. I have also gained my pet first aid certificate. "




"Im Lesley and I have 3 dogs 2 Border Collies Sam and Dusty and one cross breed Jack. I began training my dog Sam and Jack at good Companion Dog Training Club 8 years ago and we continued all the way until the advance class. I then had my dog Dusty and I began training with her, she was a little shy but with lots of love and training she soon developed her confidence and found her love for playing ball and doing fun agility. All of my dogs have gained their Good Citizens Silver award.  We also enjoyed helping out at the local dog shows, with the fun run, stewarding obedience classes and putting on fun displays. I am now an Instructor with the PDTI qualification and I currently teach the Improvers Class and I also help out in the Advance Class. I love making challenges and new games to use in classes and enjoy teaching."



"I am 16 years old and I have Cavalier King Charles called Lily who is 9 years old and we have a miniature American Shepherd puppy called Puzzle. I have always enjoyed helping my sister Laura with training the dogs and I am now a qualified dog trainer. Me and Charlie (my sisters dog) have been to Crufts back in 2016 and 2018 as we qualified for the groomer of the year competition. We really enjoyed our experience. I also enjoy training Lily in Agility and regularly take part in Agility competitions. I attend a welsh secondary school and really enjoy animal care and photography. I currently have many pets including 6 guinea pigs, 2 rabbits, Tortoise, Hamster, Fish and of course the 3 dogs. I have worked through our KC Good Citizens Bronze, Silver and Gold with various dogs and now are in the Advance class with Charlie. I qualified in 2019 with the PDTI and gained excellence in Introductory instructing skills."



"I think I was born wanting a dog but had to wait 11 years for my first dog Ceri, a working sheepdog. Since then I (or the family) have owned an Airedale, an Akita, a Welsh Terrier, 3 GSDs and around a dozen Norwegian Buhunds who became my main interest. Since 1978 I've owned, bred, shown and judged (including Crufts) the breed and have been lucky enough to have owned and/or bred 10 champions. Currently, I own 2 Buhunds and 2 GSDs including the infamous Alfie of Alfie's Training Tips fame.

I've attended various Obedience classes over the years and found Good Companion DTC around 14 years ago. I liked their structured approach and so I stayed! Both Alfie and Jack achieved their KCGC Gold awards and are more or less retired since I began helping as an Assistant at the Club."



"I have owned various breeds of dogs for many years and currently have 2 Rottweilers - Gigi who is 6 and Suzi who is 1. I started at Good Companion Dog Training Club when Gigi was 12 weeks old and she is now in the Advanced class, Suzi is currently working for her Gold award. I have been an assistant in the puppy class and I am really enjoying helping and teaching.  I recently had the opportunity to train and participate with Gigi in the Good Citizens Gold display team at Crufts we had a fantastic time showing off all the things we have learnt and had lots of fun. I enjoy training and I hope you will too. But be warned dog training is addictive." 


"I have been a member of Good Companion for 10 years. I started in the Beginner Class with my rescue German Shepherd Gwen. We worked our way through are Good Citizens certificates and worked are way up to the Advance Class. In the Advance class myself and Gwen also gained our Emerald and Platinum Awards. It was very challenging but we had fun especially when Gwen had to sit in the car and not eat a bag of open sausages whilst I sat in the driver's seat. It was great fun. Gwen and I have taken part in demonstration teams at Llewrllyd farm for many years demonstrating what you can do with training. Gwen has now retired but I still enjoying assisting in the Advance class and help by Stewarding are Good Citizens Award nights. I now have a new Cavapoo puppy called Mia and thoroughly enjoying her training. "



"I have been a member of Good Companion for over 3 years. I started in the Puppy Class with Sprocket the Sprocker, when he was 12 weeks old. We worked our way through are Good Citizens certificates Bronze and Silver. But Sprocket soon found his love for Agility Training. We started attending individual sessions and now we are part of Hope Agility Club in Wrexham. We love agility and regularly take part in competitions across the country. This has given me an opportunity to train another one of my dogs at club Foxy.  For many years I was a service dog handler. Some time ago the team approached me about being a trainer and I have now been volunteering in multiple classes of various levels for many years.  I live in a very big multi-dog household and love my 4 legged friends." 

Hi everyone, I got involved in dog training about five years ago after taking on a very high energy Standard Poodle pup, I knew from the start we were heading for trouble if we didn’t get any help and so I joined the Good Companions Training Club. It was the best decision I ever made , I met some wonderful trainers and got the help I needed to progress on. As a family we now have 3 standard poodles, having just taken on another puppy. I continued my dog training journey and became an instructor and qualified with both the PDTI and the IMDT a few years ago, I certainly got the training bug. My passion is scent work so this year I put a lot of time and effort in becoming a qualified scent instructor with the UK College of Scent Dogs and currently I’m working towards the City and Guilds element, which I hope to complete in March 2021. I hope to bring lots of scent workshop to the club in the future I feel my biggest achievement is being awarded the kennel club good citizens bronze, silver and gold awards with my rescued Chihuahua Betty, I get very excited when ever I see a chihuahua in class !


"I started at the club many years ago with Amber a golden retriever in the Puppy Class.  I achieved various successes with Amber and now have an 8 year old Chesapeake bay retriever called Maisey. Maisey is well known in the club for her agility to sing, she beautifully can howl along to any tune or instructor trying to give instructions. But she is an amazing clever dog who has passed all her good citizens assessments and started to take part in fun agility. She loves training and I do so much that I volunteered to help in some classes. I have been helping in the beginners class and then attending the advanced with Maisey. I also help in the Bagillt beginners and progression class from time to time. 



"I became a member of the Dog Club in September 1998. I have attended a number of Courses, and seminars. I enjoy having the roll as a training assistant. One of my dogs Kimmy a Collie/ Huskie cross was 4 ½ yrs old when on a John Rogerson course we were paired up and I ended up giving her a forever home. She achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold K.C. awards, plus the GC Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, & Ruby.  Over the years, I have had two other dogs that have won The R.S.P.C.A Dog Of The Year at local shows, Firstly …Trixy. She was invited to compete at the National finals in Halifax 2000, to represent North Wales. And then there was Splash who also won a variety of prizes as she was a rescue. We were invited to compete at the finals in the Golden Oldie Class, at Earls Court Birmingham, and out of 2500 entrants she was chosen for 3rd. place. I am now working with my latest little Collie, Rosie. She has already got the K C Bronze, Silver, & Gold, and enjoying the Advanced Class.."

We look forward to meeting you. 

We would also like to introduce you to a very special trainer who sadly is no longer with us but will always remain a huge part of our history and future. 

Jan Stoner


" I have been involved in dog training for more than 20 years. I originally competed in obedience with my first collie Peg.  I have 3 dogs, all collies. Two of my dogs are rescued (Tess and Lexie), both had problems due to a lack of socialisation. Tess was 11 months old and scared of everything when I got her and so I did a course on dog psychology to help her make sense of the world. I passed my course with distinction and continued to look for ways to help stressed dogs, which proved invaluable when I got Lexie. She is now working towards her Gold Good Citizens. Tess and Molly have worked through all the classes and gained all her KC certificates and also her Good Companion, Platinum, Emerald and Ruby. Tess is now working on grade 10 and Molly although retired is one of the only dogs to have passed Grade 11 in the club. I have passed my BIPDT course with honours, completed a Dog First Aid course, as well as scent work, and TTouch. I am very interested in clicker training.  My dogs are wonderful companions and I am lucky to have them in my life. 





I have been around dogs all my life they are my passion! I have 3 dogs Harley labrador age 12 , Jota border terrier 11 and Lincoln Labrador  2. I started GCDT about 12 years ago with Harley. He wasn’t the easiest dog to train as he is half lab half clown! But with the help of great instructors , plenty of patience, practice and of course treats we worked our way up to Ruby Award! Harley retired 2 years ago and now spends Monday evenings on the sofa ( he’s earned it) I am now an assistant in the classes which I love  along with training my young lab Lincoln. He is challenging in different ways but thankfully without a hint of a clown !